Creating a Highly Scalable WordPress Site on AWS using ElasticBeanstalk

These days organizations using AWS need highly-scalable and highly-available server infrastructures in order to host their web applications securely.  They want to be able to quickly deploy applications to servers, connect the same database from multiple places. In order to do this, we will be exploring how to create a highly scalable WordPress site in […]

Avoid Duplicate WordPress Admin Menu Names Using add_menu_page & add_submenu_page

When developing a WordPress plugin, oftentimes it is necessary to create menus and submenus. A frustrating problem that arises is that the menu link created by add_menu_page() is duplicated as the first link of the submenus when the add_submenu_page() function is used with add_menu_page(). In order to avoid duplicate wordpress admin menu names, you will […]