Every web developer has tools that they use to support their objectives.  Today we will be talking about the top five Chrome extensions that help web developers make beautiful code possible.  So make some coffee, pull up a chair, and stay to read awhile.

Table of Contents:

  1. Wappalyzer (download it here)
  2. Tag Assistant (by Google) (download it here)
  3. Optimizely Assistant (download it here)
  4. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder (download it here)
  5. Full Page Screen Capture (download it here)

All of these Chrome extensions are free and we have included links to download them in the table of contents above.  Now let’s talk about what these extensions are and why they are awesome.

1. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a handy Chrome extension in that it reveals what the technologies are behind a webpage.  This is especially useful for developers learning about what makes a particular webpage tick.  For example, opening this page with the Wappalyzer extension installed would give you something like this: As you can see, Wappalyzer breaks down everything on the page by CMS, Widgets, Analytics, Web Server, Programming Language, and Operating System.  This can help you debug on a high-level sense by understanding the structure.

2. Tag Assistant (by Google)

One of the more recognizable Chrome extensions, Google Tag Assistant allows web developers and marketers a way to see the current tags on any site.  Whether it is a Google Tag Manager snippet containing hundreds of tags, or just a tracking pixel, this extension is perfect for gleaning data as well as looking at the datalayer. If you have a google tag manager setup for your tags, you can also check the tags contained inside the tag container. In addition you can select the level of detail of information you wish to look at in the settings page.

3. Optimizely Assistant

If you do any kind of A/B variation testing on your site or for your clients, you got to have the Optimizely Assistant extension.  Once you place the Optimizely snippet on a webpage, you can view your live experiment data on the page.  This can be helpful to troubleshoot and see testing events real-time. You will need an Optimizely account to be able to use this extension. To look at experiments in real-time, open up the developer console after logging in to your Optimizely account:

4. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Ever wanted to take screen videos of something you are working on?  Well this is the perfect extension to help you take screen videos for your next tutorial or client call.  It is free for up to 30 seconds of screen video, but after that you will have to get an account and purchase an upgrade.

5. Full Page Screen Capture

You might be wondering why we are including another extension for screenshots.  The reason is that this extension can take screenshots of extremely long pages in one go. These extensions can help every developer develop code faster and with more insights.  Check back for more reviews and listings!

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